Frequently Asked Questions

What is your referral process?

If you wish to refer your patient to us you can simply give us a call! We will collect all pertinent information during this call and give you the time and date of the appointment to share with your patient.

You can also fax patient demographics, insurance cards, and their last chart note to us and we will review and schedule the patient accordingly. We will contact both you and the patient with the appointment date and time.

Please let your patients know that the appointment will last 2-3 hours and they will be dilated.

Do you have a New Patient information packet for us to utilize?

Yes! We do provide an information packet with all of the paperwork required of our new patients as well as directions to our office and details on what they should expect.

If you would like us to send you some of these packets, please call our office and we will send some immediately. Our paperwork is also available here.

What clinical information should I send to help assist with this appointment?

Please send the last chart note and any recent diagnostic testing the patient has had.

How will we receive records from our patient’s visit?

Your information will be added to the patient’s chart upon their initial visit and you will automatically receive fax updates each time we see the patient. If you do not receive a fax, please call our office and we will assist you!

You will get a letter, you will get pictures, you will get the OCT… all before the patient is back in your office! Great communication at lightning fast speed!
— Karoline L. Munson, O.D.