About Us

Bluegrass Retina Consultants opened in 2006. We are leaders in quality retina care and are experienced at treating macular degeneration, retinal detachment, inflammatory eye conditions, trauma, and the ocular complications of diabetes and other systemic diseases. As specialists in the medical and surgical treatment of complex and vision-threatening retinal disorders, we understand the concerns patients have about their vision. Each individual is warmly welcomed by our staff and treated with utmost respect and compassion throughout their care.


Our Mission

Bluegrass Retina Consultants is dedicated to helping patients recover and preserve vision. We tirelessly fight the diseases that threaten vision through the exercise of expertise, trust, communication, respect and accountability.  Patients depend upon us and our success depends upon each other.

Dr. Thompson is the only retina specialist I know that supported SB110 both in word and action. Dr. Thompson is dedicated to her patient’s needs. End of story. Everything else follows.
— Harvey Schleter, O.D.